When friends come to visit me in Arizona, I always insist that we take a drive to visit some of my favorite places. I just love introducing them to all the gorgeous, unique spots this area has to offer!

It’s the same with shopping for a new house; each of the main neighborhoods my clients buy and sell in has its own personality and distinctive features. Are you ready to explore your new stomping grounds? Hop in and buckle up, because we’re going on a road trip!


Centrally located in the valley, downtown Phoenix is also at the center of all things funky and artistic. With incredible street art, plenty of live performances and amazing restaurants, DTPHX is a hot spot for people of all ages. Recently, my daughter Keely and I took a staycation in downtown Phoenix. We booked a room at The Cambridge, a great historic hotel right in the heart of downtown. While we were hanging out at the rooftop pool, a server told us we should try a nearby bakery called Ollie Vaughn’s. Not only did this shop have the most mouth-watering baked goods, we also found out that Ollie was a trailblazer and one of the first women small business owners in the area. To me, that’s Phoenix. Fun, vibrant and full of inspiring stories.


Relaxed and eclectic, Tempe is like Phoenix’s laid-back younger sister. (Except on game days. Game days are absolute chaos.) Tempe is home to Arizona State University, and it buzzes with youthful energy. Are you into cool restaurants, free music festivals and historic landmarks? Tempe might be the place for you! Downtown Tempe’s population is a bustling mix of students, young professionals, and families. Catch a Broadway show, try a new cuisine – you can always find something to do here! Except maybe ice fishing.


Do you enjoy catching a casual glimpse of an A-list actress or pro baseball player at your favorite steakhouse? Can I interest you in a round of golf on some of the most beautiful greens in the world? Does a blissful, serene treatment at a renowned destination spa make your heart skip a beat or two? If you answered yes to any of these, you might like Scottsdale. Scottsdale is a favorite destination of winter vacationers and bachelorette partiers alike, and it holds some amazing hidden gems.


If Joanna Gaines were to design an entire town, I bet it would look a lot like Gilbert. This place is cute. Known by the locals as the Heritage district, you’ll find a great downtown strip with breweries, mom and pop restaurants and adorable boutiques, but there’s also this easy, laid-back vibe that’s perfect for families. Did I mention Gilbert is dog-friendly and full of beautiful parks? CNN ranked Gilbert among the best places to live in the US, and they weren’t wrong.