Molly Gorman



My team and I have fine-tuned our unique systems to make sure that your home buying or selling experience is easy, enjoyable, and straightforward from start to finish. And I’ve spent years building an incredible network that I’ll work with to get you the absolute best deals possible.

So, when you’re ready to grab that glass of wine and throw open the door to your best life, reach out! And welcome home.

Jill Gifford


Whether they’re a first time buyer or on their seventh move, Jill Gifford loves matching people to the homes of their dreams. Though the process isn’t always easy, she finds joy in the journey and provides organized, step-by-step guidance to her clients. And in the end, she takes huge satisfaction in handing over the keys! Originally from Spring Lake, New Jersey, Jill earned her NJ real estate license in 1998. She obtained her Arizona license in 2017 and now lives in Chandler, AZ. Humble and nurturing by nature, Jill is proud of raising her two strong, independent kids and is extremely passionate about health and personal wellbeing. Jill is also quite the chef and is always improvising tasty new recipes in the kitchen. Lucky us!

Patrick Gorman


Patrick Gorman got his start in tech as a middle schooler in Tempe, Arizona, when he built his first computer. His curiosity grew into passion as he tinkered, figuring out how it worked and learning to develop his own programs. He quickly ventured into web design, creating blogs where he wrote about different subjects that intrigued him. During high school, Patrick learned coding, took on his first internship as a web designer and established 2GDesco, LLC, a business specializing in web development and content management. Now a senior studying computer science at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, Patrick is passionate about ensuring all people have access to computers, high speed internet, and secure data storage. For the past three years, he’s worked for Austin Digital Inclusion, a government program that refurbishes donated computers and distributes them to people in need. A gifted problem solver, Patrick enjoys listening to understand his customers’ needs, then brainstorming solutions with his team. When he gets a day off of saving the world, Patrick enjoys hiking, visiting Austin’s beautiful lakes, catching movies and bowling with friends.
Jacob Casey


Don’t be fooled by Jacob Casey’s youthful grin; this rising star has racked up the work experience of professionals twice his age. As a kid, he unearthed an old video camera and began filming his family and friends for fun. A videographer in Jacob’s hometown of Houston eventually took Jacob under his wing, mentoring him in the business of shooting weddings. By 16 years old, Jacob was booking wedding gigs on his own and quickly attracting a client base who loved his ability to turn their ideas into stunning visuals. At 19, he got his first internship creating media and video projects for a bank in Houston. Since then, he has completed internships with two fortune 500 companies in marketing media, combining his passions for visual art and business. When he isn’t busy building his empire, Jacob enjoys skating, camping, playing poker and traveling (especially to places where he can escape the Texas heat, like Colorado and the Pacific Northwest). He also creates short films to document travels and time with friends. Jacob now lives in Austin, where he works as part of the marketing team for Growth Acceleration Partners, and studies economics and management at St. Edward’s University.
Tara Vaughan


Nebraska native and Jill of all trades Tara Vaughan has a penchant for words, whether it’s penning pop songs or crafting catchy web copy. When the pandemic hit pause on her career as an internationally touring musician, Tara did what many of us did: ate a lot of ice cream, adopted a kitten, and signed up for a nine month digital marketing program at her local community college. A graduate of Tufts University, Tara realized that marketing, and particularly copywriting, fused her love of writing and research with a new passion for connecting women-owned small businesses with their dream clients. What could be better? (Besides hanging out with Lil the kitten, of course.) When Tara isn’t touring or marketing, you can find her spending time with her nieces and nephews, hiking the great mountains of Nebraska, and watching real estate reality television with an ice cold bowl of cookies and cream.
Chris Atchley


Hailing from Yuma, Arizona, transaction manager Chris Atchley likes to call his line of work ‘real estate logistics.’ After earning bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice and biology from Arizona State University, Chris was introduced to his current position in 2006 and says it’s been an awesome ride. In his free time, you can find Chris behind the grill or the wheel of his Jeep, and spending quality time with his wife and two children.
Tuco the Chihuahua
As the snuggliest and most unpredictable member of the team, Tuco is like a Sour Patch Kid: ferocious, then sweet. Tuco’s official company duties are emotional support and schedule enforcement, and he takes pride in his ability to wake Molly up at 5am each day. Meanwhile, Molly goes to bed at night looking forward to her morning snuggle sessions with Tuco, drinking coffee and scouring new listings for her clients.